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Never visit a foreign post office on Monday morning.

I decided to post some extra bits and pieces this morning to lighten our load. What a great idea I thought. Arriving at the Post Office I was confronted by boxes and packets of all kinds, having experienced this before I know some are for within the country and some for overseas - not clear which is which. So I wandered around for a while and a lady came to help with her very limited English. After we worked out what I wanted I was issued with some documents to complete - having laboured over these I managed to complete them. Then came the fun part. She weighed my parcel and told it would cost 36Euros to post home - OMG !!!! I asked how much to send to London (to our daughter for us to pick up there).
This I was told would cost 16 Euros - much better. Now the fun begins I tried to explain I wanted to change my mind and post to London. She stuck the sticker on my parcel and wanted 36 Euros. After a lot of arm waving and explanations from me she worked out what I wanted. Ripped off the sticker, grunted at me, mumbled in French under her breath - I can only imagine what she was saying - then handed me a new set of forms to complete. Very quickly filled out and handed back she extracted 16 Euros from me and I left in a big hurry. She said Au revoir and a few other words under her breath and I dashed for the door.

Back on the road we crossed back over the Rhine into Germany, gorgeous countryside, we passed through Badenweiler toward Neuenwed, which is where we got stopped. Road closed again. We have to go back. It seems there was a huge storm through here recently and a lot of minor roads are closed - unfortunately they are the ones we want to go on.

We turned back and went around Munstertal / Weiden/ Utzenfeld and on toward the Feldberg pass.
The scenery was beautiful, great twisty roads up and down the mountain.


The Feldberg pass was a big disappointment, not only was everything closed, the view was nothing much.
We decided to go on to Titisee for lunch which turned out to be afternoon tea as it was 3pm. Then we came back to our accommodation at Lake Windgrallweiher.

This hotel is lovely, very clean, local food of the region fantastic and the Lake is quite stunning. I went for a walk around the lake before settling down to a pre-dinner drink.


Our Hotel from across the lake.


and our view of the lake from our room which is stunning


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A day in Le Ballons and Col's

Just a nice day to go for a ride - in France......

We started with a nice twisty ride through Wasserbourg and then climbing up le Petit Ballon - 1267metres.

Just before le Grand Ballon we stopped for coffee and had a nice chat with a French man who was having a rest from doing the Ballons on his bicycle, his friends had gone on to do the Grand Ballon.


After we discussed the ways of the world and where we had both been it was back on the road and up to le Grand Ballon - 1325 metres, sometimes I just have to add an Aussie sticker to the collection -


Passing over the top we continued down to Cernay through Col Amic, Col du Silberloch and Col de Herrenfluh.

Fuel stop at Cernay got interesting. We found an unmanned Service Station and tried to put our Credit Card and Travellers Card in machine to pay for fuel - card goes in before fuel !! Cards wouldn't work, in France we have to sign, pin is not accepted. Unable to do this at an Auto Machine.
We should have remembered this from last time - avoid getting fuel on Sunday if at all possible. We asked another Motorcyclist for help and he told us there was another Service Station around the corner. Luckily for us it was manned and we were able to get fuel. We had more than enough to get home but don't like to take chances in foreign countries.

Final stop was le Grand Ballon for a very late lunch and watch the bikes go by.


Lovely Sunday ride now complete. Back to our Hotel for dinner and bed before moving on tomorrow to Feldberg Germany.

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A day on foot !

Today is tourist day - walking tour of Colmar, a very beautiful and fascinating Old Town.

Bonjour petit Steve !!


So many fascinating buildings - here is a few


followed by some interesting shopping - really wish I could bring these home -

and just interesting stuff we found while walking around -
(some boots I desperately wanted - damn those small panniers)

Little Venice - just because they have a Canal it has to be Venice right !!


and the food - it is everywhere - so inviting. We have had some delicious meals here - spoilt for choice, here is some of the abundance of interesting foods we found in shop windows -


and a fountain in the park which is where people were hiring motorised bicycles to ride around the L'Alsace Wine region - great idea but not for us

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A day of "Col"s"

Obernai is a lovely town but we were very glad to be leaving our accommodation - best described as a Back Packers in disguise.

We only had 54kms to do but it took all day - so many roads and passes to do.


I have been trying to get a photo of the huge log trucks - finally got one today - they are a bit daunting when we encounter one coming down the mountain toward us.

and the views go on forever -


Just for the record today we left Obernai, turned at Ottrott toward Le Hohwald, the Grand Belle and then the Col's (high passes)
Col du Kreuzweg, Col de a Charbonniere, Col de Steige, Col de Urbeis, Col de Fouchy

We arrived at Colmar late afternoon - amazing how long it takes to do about 150kms including coffee and lunch stops.

Colmar is another fascinating city we had never heard of before - well worth the visit though.


The Cathedral is amazing. Built in 1235, standing majestically in the very heart of the Old City -

Walking around was fascinating but after a while we had to take a break - Steve was in need of a beer - again !!
We sat in the Town Square, listened to the saxophone busker, and relaxed with a drink watching the world go by.
Another great day on the road - tomorrow is a bike rest day, we will be looking around Colmar and planning Sunday's ride into Le Ballon's.

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A great day !!

All we did today was ride some fantastic roads, see beautiful scenery and basically enjoy ourselves.
Found a bed but it was too early so we had to go straight past - interesting little village with a timber mill right on the road.
Riding some twisty roads through the Black Forest (once again) we crossed into France and sat on the edge of the Rhein and munched on our apples.

The temperature has improved dramatically now - up to 25.5 degrees at one point and some brilliant scenery - can't ask for much more than this.

and did I mention bend after bend............

Luneville was to the left so we went right (wasn't sure we would escape that place!!)

In the middle of nowhere we came across a fantastic Hotel overlooking the valley so we stopped for a coffee and just watch the world go by - this place was amazing, it had 2 Swimming pools and a Jacuzzi.IMG_1211__1024x683_.jpg

And the summer flowers are coming out -

Arriving at our Hotel was another experience for our trip, booked online it looked like good value and the reviews were good.
Our first impression was not good !!!!
however when we got inside it was much better - what a relief.

Steve even found his play-room

After unpacking we decided to walk into town for a pre-dinner drink. We have shared cooking facilities at the Hotel and at this point we were planning to pick up some food and cook when we got home. Well of course that didn't happen. Perhaps we should have made the effort, we paid an exorbitant price for "food of the region" which was a poor example of the region, and the wine was disappointing as well. Sometimes you just make bad choices - this was one of them.

Obernai is a stunning village with some really interesting buildings and a Merry Go Round with a Motorbike -


And to our surprise a Bugati was parked in the street - with a "minder" keeping very close watch.


Back at the Hotel we had a chat with a German couple who were very interested in where we have been, and are planning to go from here. They love Norway and suggested we should go there, but perhaps we will have to do that next time. The "Bucket list" grows every day.

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