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Nougat in Schwarzwald

Two days of Motorcycle heaven - The Black Forest area.
The temperature has not been kind to us but with the Black Forest to play in we had to go out - with Nougat of course.

Let me show you the way he said - I am a bear after all and we know Forests


perhaps we won't go up there - they are really big bears -


The BFR is a very famous road and for good reason, along with the minor roads which lead to small villages and then back onto the BFR- it is a fantastic area to ride around.


We had to stop at Triberg to see the best Bear Cuckoo Clock -


Too many great roads - not enough time - we tried our best to ride every one of them.

Freezing cold we stopped at Titisee for Lunch and to thaw out a bit. Temperature has been 7 to 11 degrees with icy winds.
Lunch was traditional Meat Balls in Paprika flavoured Gravy followed by Black Forest Cake - in the Black Forest you just have to do it.


Titisee is a town full of tourists thanks to its great lake which was formed as an artificial lake after the last Ice Age. It freezes over in winter to become an Ice Skating Rink.


Today we rode more of the fantastic Black Forest Road area from Freudenstadt up to Baden Baden and back.

Morning tea - thaw out stop was the Mummelsee Lookout and Café.
Its only 11am but it must be after 5pm somewhere so we laced our coffees with Cherry Schnapps - as the Germans do to warm up a bit.

Nougat had a little play


Spotted this lovely GS in the Car Park


Got inspected -

more great roads were travelled - and the sun finally came out mid afternoon.


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The Black Forest - Motorcycle heaven !

Today we left Kadel heading through some lovely little villages, crossing the Rhein at one stage and into Baden Baden. The roads along the way and little villages we passed through were suspiciously quiet - not a soul around. It must be a Public Holiday.
Calling into the Baden Baden Tourist Info centre our suspicions were confirmed - not a problem for us though. We purchased a great book and a very detailed map of The Black Forest area and went into the town centre for a coffee and a look at our map.

Always good to see the little ones interest in motorcycles being encouraged - spotted in a shop window.

Baden Baden is a really pretty clean town - apparently it has some wonderful Restaurants but The Black Forest Road is calling us.

And it is every bit as good as we have heard - wonderful long sweeping bends, road in perfect condition, no Police in sight even though it is a public holiday. Although there was a lot of traffic, including lots of Motor bikes.
We stopped at the Mummelsee lookout - a bit hazy today.

Then we zoomed off down Schwarzwald Hohenstrasse (The Black Forest road) - heavenly, we took a diversion to Ottenhoffen/Achern and then went back to the Café at Mummelsee lookout for lunch.

Amazing café with lots of choices -


and some very interesting souvenir options -

Outside the bikes kept coming and going like bees, again ours were getting a lot of attention - people totally surprised we they realise we actually brought them from Australia.

After lunch we were back on the road, taking another diversion through Bad Rippoldsau, stunning little road with lots of twisties and a couple of switch backs -

I believe this guy is the keeper of the corner - maybe !!


Views were spectacular -

I know this photo is crooked but it was taken from the seat of my bike, hanging on, pointing the camera over my shoulder - not bad considering the situation.


Then we arrived in Freudenstadt - our home for 3 nights.
It boasts the largest Market Square in the whole of Germany - almost completed deserted today due to the Public Holiday.


and they even honour the Meerkat - we know how he feels - popping up here and there !!


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Lost in Brussells on Saturday and found best Biker Roads on Sunday

We left Brugge (Belgium) on Saturday morning planning for a basic trip to Rohren - Munschau (Germany) along the Motorway and then just after Brussells take a diversion down through great roads. Well that was the plan - according to the map the Motorway swings around Brussells - GPS had other ideas and took us right into the city in and out Tunnells like a pair of Meerkats, we kept popping up, zooming down, popping up back where we were a few minutes earlier - round and round we went - GPS totally confused and us getting very cranky. Finally we made it out and were on our way. We arrived at our lovely Hotel in Rohren and were immediately convinced to have a Welcome Drink - even before we checked in - now that's hospitality.
Then we checked in an went for a walk around this lovely little village.
I requested Motorcycle parking - just to make sure we had a space - well this is what we got - getting in was a challenge, getting out even more difficult - but the bikes were safe.

We had a chat with a nice gentleman in the carpark before leaving and he convinced us to go through the Eifel National Park - great suggestion, we zoomed along nice twisty roads in a lush forest - good start to the day.
We continued on through Schleiden then stopped at an amazing lookout - way up above Cochem on the Rhine.

A continuous stream of bikes and cars zoomed up and down the hill -

Down in Cochem we stopped for a coffee and picnic on the edge of the Rhine (we were allowed to pack a sandwich from our Hotel in Rohren - very civilised attitude to travellers).
Struggling to find a park on a busy Sunday we squeezed in beside some other bikes only to find out later it was illegal and the parking inspector was on the way - Steve managed to explain we are Australians and don't understand - lovely lady let us go. (She is in pale blue in background)
All the other bikes got fined.

Walking along the street a bit we came across the actual Bike park - free parking area for bikes - another civilised attitude Australia could learn from.

We crossed the Rhine and continued on our way - amazed at how steep the Grape Vines are - must be very difficult to harvest these.

It was a great ride today - mostly on small twisty roads with brilliant scenery like this -

Lots of small villages along the way - although we did get sick of them after some time.

Then we found Motorcycle heaven - long sweeping bends ideal for fast riding - and a lot of fun.
We came across the very popular Johanniskreuz Café/Hotel - Biker stop.
Could not believe how many bikes were here late afternoon, and lots coming and going while we were there.

Of course our bikes with their Aussie Number Plates and Stickers got a lot of attention - Steve dashed over to tell our story -

then another lot came over - Steve abandoned his beer -

then another lot came over - Steve abandoned his beer again -

then we spotted a very familiar bike - where is Darrell ?????

We arrived at Kendal our stop for the night late afternoon after a very good day on the road.
Tomorrow we tackle the Black Forest - Motorcycle Heaven !

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IEPER to BRUGGE - MAY 21st & 22nd

Beer & Chocolate

It was only a short trip from Ieper to Brugge but we managed to make a trip of it. We got diverted in some little town so we followed the signs to Brugge avoiding the Motorway. Nice ride through little towns and past small farms.
Arriving in Brugge we were able to check in to our Hotel early and catch the shuttle into the city. Brugge is basically a big Market (Markt) square with lots of old buildings around it and little streets leading off into mysterious alleyways with lots of Chocolate shops. We have now spent two days looking, tasting, viewing and are now well and truly over the sight of Chocolate, Beer, Waffles, Tourists and Chips. Belgium lists quite a few culinary delights which include Flemish Stew (Beer/Beef casserole), Mussels & Chips, Croquettes, and lots more but we are totally convinced their National Food is Chips - they serve them with everything - there is even a Frite (Frys) Museum which we did not go to.

The Bell Tower looms over the Markt Square -



Horse and cart trips around the city are very popular - poor horses look seriously bored


Little Venice without the serenading Gondaliers -


We found some Cuckoo clocks and Christmas Decorations in a little shop - the very best decorations we have ever seen - shame the panniers are so small.


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate - this one would be a huge seller in Australia.


Of course I had to try a Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream -

And there was The Beer Wall - every mans dream - Belgium produces 1600 different Beers - amazing !!

We started this morning with a bracing 369 step climb to the top of the Belfry Tower -

Important documents were stored here (about half way up) early "safe" maybe -

The bell chiming system -

The view from the top was well worth the climb (and also the descent down those 369 tiny steps)

Belgian hand made lace is exquisite - we came across this old lady in an alley -

And in Brugge you have to visit the Half Moon Brewery the only remaining brewery in the centre of Bruges, brewing here since 1856.
Evidence of old methods is still here however they are now using more modern methods, still using their traditional recipe.

Another 220 steps to the top for some pretty impressive views and then back down we went.
Every Beer in Belgium has its own special glass - unbelievable !!

Included was a free glass of their Brugse Zot Golden Blond (6%) which I even tasted (and I hate beer !!) Not bad - I could actually drink this if I was extra thirsty on a hot day. The sample we received has not been filtered or pasteurised giving more flavour.
And of course Steve loved it !!!
They also make Straffe Hendrik Quadruple - 11% alcohol, now that's a serious beer !!

Further wandering around found some interesting stuff and my favourite thing - reflections.


We are now seriously over being a Tourist.
Tomorrow we leave for Germany heading towards the Black Forest and lots of riding - bring it on !!!

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IEPER (Ypres) MAY 20th

Waffles day

Lazy day today, we decided to do a walking tour of Ieper
Following the path of the Defence Wall ( Ancient Ramparts of the 17th Century) around the City Moat.
The Lion on top of the Menin Gate is a symbol of protection for the city.


The Moat is now used for water storage.

Nougat had a chat to a rather stoney Squirrell in the park


Further along we came across a bunker - further evidence of city protection

A trip to Belgium would not be complete without some Waffles -much to Nougat's delight


While having lunch we were entertained by a Harley Rider with his Ape Hangers - I have no idea how he manages to go around corners on this thing (the one in the battle fatigues in the front)


Tonight we went back to the Menin Gate for the Last Post Ceremony. Choosing a position based on the procedure from the other night we thought we were in the perfect spot - WRONG !!
Along came the Military Soldiers and lined up right in front of me with the camera - not happy !!

I did manage to get a couple of photos, one of the soldiers at the further end, and one of the Last Post Buglers.


Wreath laying - tonight they remembered to 2 English brothers who died shortly after enlisting.


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